Meet the Author

I am no different than you. 
No different than the stranger you ignored boarding the train, just this morning.
We are all humans, resembling truth.
Feeling unspoken emotions.
Fighting to survive a world, we sometimes failed to understand.

For multitudes of excuses, we fear the direct line of vulnerability. We dismiss our ignorance as normal. We took those regretful steps because fate instructed us to. Maybe that is why we were put on this Earth, to discover how to feel something. Allow the human heart a chance to experience pain, laced with sadness but simultaneously, bask in that euphoric happiness nestling itself into the abyss of your stomach. This book was created for you. You, darling, the aimless soul innocently grazing the spine of every book across bookstore shelves, searching desperately for something daring – something more than the moonlight on a cloudy evening, words strung together forcing you to feel, on the nights you were scared to end up broken. 

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